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Welcome to Dance Studio MooN!

The studio harmoniously combines high standards of education, comfort and accessibility of services.
The level of teaching in all classes, from the modern to the classic directions, allows even novice dancers to quickly achieve success and develop their own style. The studio incorporates all philosophical features of the dance world. Here, you will find your favourite popular and exclusive styles: Stretching, Dance, Yoga and Pilates.

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Professionally equipped studio

The spacious, bright, well-appointed rooms – it’s another advantage of the studio, because the dance classes are inextricably linked to the place where they occur. One of the main technical characteristics of the class room is the quality of the flooring. The flooring in our class rooms is made of materials which are non-slip, has the appropriate level of amortization, comfortable and safe. Also our rooms are equipped with audio system, accurately selected in accordance with the acoustic characteristics of the rooms.

Individual approach

Our studio – first of all it’s our coaches and trainers. We are very picky in terms of selecting the employees, so you can safely rely on their knowledge, skills and experience. They will help you to maintain optimal shape by gradual evolving and getting the exact loads and exercises that will suit you. A team of certified coaches and service personnel will make your visit to the studio the most enjoyable and beneficial to your health and beauty!

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Exercising should be fun and it is exactly what you’ll find at Dance Studio MooN – enjoyable dance activities which shape your body, allow you to express your creativity and help you stay fit.