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Extreme Stretching

60 minutes 300 calories burned

Stretching consists of exercises targeting different muscle groups and ligaments. It is useful to all, regardless of age and level of flexibility.

At studio Moon, stretching is taught as a separate course, which is suitable for general physical development. Also, it can be included as an additional lesson for those who are involved in other dance forms.

Individual stretching sessions help students master the technique of Pole dance faster, as posture, flexibility and stretching play an incredibly important role.

Our classes pricing

You can find out the prices of the classes by calling us: +357 25 320 371

The first class is free for you, so during the class you can learn the basic exercises and dance style program, as well you personally meet your trainer and group of the students. Dance rhythm and plasticity, grace and flexibility, beautiful posture and gait, the opportunity to realize your creative potential – all of the above you will be able to achieve with our classes.

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