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Fitness Ballet

60 minutes 400 calories burned

Fitness Ballet is adapted set of exercises based on classical choreography, consisting of dance steps, stretching exercises and aerobic elements.

Fitness ballet improves the spine’s condition, the flexibility of the joints and develops a beautiful posture. According to experts, the main advantage of this lesson is the ability to learn the art of body possession.

Also, fitness ballet classes are ideal for people, who want to have beautiful figure. The course is designed for all women, regardless of height, build, and age: classical choreography helps you cope with many illnesses.

Our classes pricing

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The first class is free for you, so during the class you can learn the basic exercises and dance style program, as well you personally meet your trainer and group of the students. Dance rhythm and plasticity, grace and flexibility, beautiful posture and gait, the opportunity to realize your creative potential – all of the above you will be able to achieve with our classes.

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