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Hatha Yoga

60 minutes 200 calories burned

Hatha Yoga – an ancient Indian spiritual practice, the teaching of physical harmony. One of the main objectives of Hatha Yoga is to bring the body to a state of good health.

– Asanas (postures), help in keeping the body healthy, beautiful and strong;
– Pranayama (breathing exercises), teaches proper breath and emotion control;
– Concentration, helps in keeping the mind calm and directs energy into constructive channels which leads to spiritual growth;
– Meditation (relaxation), slows time and allows for deeper thought process.

Our classes pricing

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The first class is free for you, so during the class you can learn the basic exercises and dance style program, as well you personally meet your trainer and group of the students. Dance rhythm and plasticity, grace and flexibility, beautiful posture and gait, the opportunity to realize your creative potential – all of the above you will be able to achieve with our classes.

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