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Get to know Our team

George Rudnev

A hair stylist with 17 years of experience. He studied hairdressing at Andrey Silchenko’s school «MAIJA» in Riga, participated in shows from L’Oréal and HCF (Haute Coiffure Francaise), worked with the stars of the “New Wave” song contest in Jurmala. Worked with the magazines “Lilit” and “Maxim”, and fashion boutiques “Palace Italia”, etc. George is the ambassador of L’Oréal and Kerastase (certification of haircare and skin). He worked 3 years in an elite salon in Vienna, where he also participated in the fashion show of designer Irina Vitjaz “I V” Christmas collection in the Imperial Hotel. George performs all the fashion techniques of coloring (diploma Colorist Expert), haircuts and styling. He passed courses of professional skills improvement in Latvia, Switzerland, Austria, France.

All information by phone: +35796504254

Ella Rose

Lashmaker. Lash Extension will give you the following benefits:

  • forget about mascara for 3-4 weeks
  • swim in a pool/sea without worries about makeup
  • changes shape of your eyes
  • changes shape of your eyes
  • have a brilliant look 24 hours without discomfort from itching

Installation of Lashes is not painful and should take 2,5-3 hours.

All information by phone: +35796042603, WhatsApp +971509950757

Galina Fedotova

A Makeup artist with 4 years experience and huge education background of Iconface Moscow school and several courses from Natalia Naida, Ksenia Nikitina, Daria Holodnih and others. Galina will tell about trends of makeup of spring-summer 2017 and will do a 15 min. easy summer makeup master-class. Makeup questions and answers: How to do brows, how to fix imperfections, how to do healthy glow, etc. Cosmetics: Bесса, Estée Lauder, Urban decay, Smash box, Make up for ever, Eva garden, Olga romanova, Inglot, Mac, Nyx. Collaborations: Olesia Ghohabi, Evgeny Konasov, Nina Koroleva, Eka Filatova. Services: makeup and hairstyle, brows correction, courses “Makeup for yourself”.

All information by phone: +35796371229

Valentina Ivanova

A cosmetologist who has been working with Thalgo for 20 years on face and body care programs. Valentina will give a presentation on French cosmetic brand Thalgo. Thalgo offers the new technology IBEAUTY – the first professional device combining 3 advanced technologies:

  • Sound Vibration
  • Consecutive ultrasound
  • Three-polar RF purity

Proven efficacy, are non-invasive, non-aggressive and completely safe. At the presentation everyone can feel how IBEAUTY works. (10 minutes of free procedure by appointment).

All information by phone: +35797638557

Karina Ammar

A proffessional permanent makeup artist with 14 years of experience. Technique used in permanent makeup:

  • Ombre, hair technique, shading, aquarel, 3D
  • eyebrows tatoo (hair technique, ombre, shading)
  • lips tatoo (ombre, aquarel, 3D)
  • eyeliner (eyeliner, shading)

All information by phone: +35796277110

Olga Musalikina

MD of dermatology, physiotherapy & cosmetology. You can get any advice on skin care specifically for your type: anti-age therapy, acne treatment, problems associated with hair loss, etc. The doctor perfectly knows all the hardware, injecting and non-injection methods of treatment and prevention of chronostenia. A specialist with more than 10 years of experience in aesthetic medicine will consult you in detail and give you the necessary recommendations that will help you to maintain the health, youth, and beauty of your skin for a long time.

All information by phone: +35799025839

Irina Gulyaeva

Masseuse with more than 10 years experience, works both with cosmetic defects of the body and with serious problems of the musculoskeletal system. You can ask Irina how to maintain a healthy back, get rid of cellulite, go through a detox program. Procedures:

  • correction of the figure. Individual complex of detoxification through massage
  • honey, anti-cellulite, sports, body massage
  • restoration of muscles
  • removal of osteochondrosis exacerbation, fatigue, increased muscle elasticity, etc.

All information by phone: +35799808855


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